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One of the specialties of Fifth Circle Audio is the high quality recording of your music.  We are equipped to record both live performances and sessions in a wide variety of styles.  The engineers of Fifth Circle Audio are comfortable across a wide range of genres from classical through jazz, folk, international and popular (rock) genres.


Demo Recordings

A common session for FCA is the Demo session.  Most often, these sessions are for students at various levels but we also routinely work with local professionals.  FCA has the ability to follow any project in its entirety- from recording and tracking through editing, mixing and release of a master.  Demo projects done by FCA have ranged from basic college audition CDs and DVDs to location recording of a 10 person rock band providing audio support for a video demo.


Concert Recording

FCA’s specialty is working with live music.  In an average year, FCA will record well over 100 live performances.  The majority of these performances are classical- orchestral, choral, chamber, new music and other music.  However, FCA has also done numerous concerts in genres that range from Jazz and Folk to Rock music.  One of the specialties of FCA is recording directly to stereo or surround for live broadcast.  FCA also has the ability to record multitrack audio to a digital audio workstation for remix in post production.  As past projects have ranged from 2 tracks to over 90 tracks, no project is too large or too small so please inquire for details.


Commercial Projects

FCA is a one-stop-shop for the production of your next CD project.  Well versed in CD recordings, FCA can provide audio recording, session producing, editing, mixing and mastering of your next project.  We specialize in reproducing your music at the highest level of quality possible.  We have a large selection of the best quality recording equipment as well as the ears and experience to record it exactly as you would imagine it should sound.  We are also equipped to handle sessions recorded by others for editing, mixing and/or mastering.  Please see the section on editing for more details.


Audio for Video/Film/TV

Are you going to have a live performer on set?  Is the performance a situation where microphones cannot be seen?  Is playback needed on set?  Do you need a sound designer for a TV special with musical performances need to be recorded and amplification needs to be spec'd and provided?

FCA has experience working in high-end and high-pressure situations on set.  We are comfortable working with actors and musicians who demand the project to be right the first time and the respect and confidence of their name.  We have provided audio recording for numerous projects- especially for TV and commercials- where live performance is happening.  Many of which have been for national broadcast.


Live Broadcast Audio

FCA has provided audio for broadcast for years.  At FCA, we started in the broadcast world- where a multitrack was nice backup but not a master.  Because of this, we have the experience to get even the most complex performances on air at high quality in a situation where you simply cannot remix.  Working with radio and TV stations is a common occurrence at FCA and is one of our specialties.


Stringer/Interview Recording

Have a phone conversation or an interview that needs recording?  Do you need to capture a voice-over session, but you can't bring the talent into the studio?  Do you have a client with a big name that requires confidentiality?

FCA has provided stringer services for years to a number of clients around the United States.  Obviously, for confidentiality reasons, we cannot divulge a list of people, but rest assured, there are plenty of A-list personalities that we have worked with.  In the majority of these situations, we bring a high-quality portable recording rig to the site of the client’s choosing.  Past sites include everything from studios and offices to personal homes.  Audio material can be delivered on site (when the client is present) or via online FTP delivery.


Editing, Mixing, Post Production, and Mastering

FCA has extensive experience working with recordings that were done by someone other than us.  For geographic and financial reasons, a number of our clients have done recordings on their own.  When they are done, they provide the material to FCA for the final touches.  The amount of work we do depends on the project.

When mastering your project, we employ a digital workflow.  As needed, we can process your content with EQs, compression, reverb and other processes.  Are there flaws in the audio?  We can also perform restorative processes to fix blemishes from denoising and declicking to spectral editing.



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