Audio Samples

Here are a collection of Audio Samples- all recorded by Fifth Circle Audio.  Some of these samples are from live performances and others have come from albums recorded by us.  The fact that the live recordings are not very different sounding from our album recordings is telling of the quality that we always work at.  Even when a concert is recorded as an archival project, it does not mean that we are willing to lower our quality.  All excerpts here are roughly 2 minutes long and therefore are a representation of our work, but not the full performance.



Sample 1:   A very large orchestra


Sample 2:   Wind Ensemble


Sample 3:   Chorus with orchestra.  Original Instruments


Sample 4:   Vocal Soloist with Chamber Orchestra


Sample 5:   Large Chamber Ensemble/Chamber Orchestra


Sample 6:   Contemporary Music- Minimalist with a large setup


Sample 7:   String Quintet


Sample 8:   Guitar Quartet


Sample 9:   Saxophone Quartet


Sample 10:   Large Studio Orchestra (Jazz with a large setup)




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